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    What To Expect

    You’ve taken the time to research your options now is the time to obtain your goals.  A great question to ask yourself is, am I confident in my Mortgage Consultant? On your initial contact your Mortgage Consultant will acknowledge your current situation, analyze and explain what options are best for you.  Credit score, monthly payments, home value and debt to income ratios will be discussed.  Don’t worry our licensed Mortgage Consultant will go at your pace and thoroughly explain everything.

    The Free Credit Score Analysis

    A majority of all refinance programs require a credit check.  We will pull your credit for free and analyze the report with you.  Credit scores will help determine what options work best for your situation.

    Monthly Mortgage Payments

    Our Mortgage Consultant will evaluate your payment to make sure it works with your budget.  Pending the program, a shorter term, cash out or debt consolidation will raise your payment, lets crunch the numbers to make sure it makes sense.  If your only looking for a lower payment, lets evaluate to make sure a refinance is worth it.

    The Value Of My Home

    When it’s time we will order your appraisal, it’s important to do a bit of research.  The Appraiser will determine the value of your home, a lower the expected value can have an impact on your ability to remove private mortgage insurance or cash out. Recent sales in your area can help determine the value of your home. Knowing the value of your home can tell you how much equity you have. To figure this out, just subtract your current mortgage balance from the estimated value of your home.

    Debt To Income Ratios

    Our Mortgage Consultants will be able to determine your debt to income ratio.  If needed they will thoroughly explain your debt to income and if it effects your ability to refinance your current mortgage.   Debt to income is calculated by taking your monthly debt payments divided by your gross monthly income. DTI is one way lenders measure your ability to repay the money you’re borrowing.

    How Fast Can I Close

    FAST! that is the goal for all of our clients.  Every scenario is different, knowing this our Mortgage Brokers and support staff are available for support 24 hours a day.  You will also have technology at your finger tips, including online applications, secure document uploads and electronic signatures.  Taking responsibility early, your mortgage broker will know what documents are needed – gathering what you need and having it ready to submit will move your mortgage along quickly.